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How Our Competition Does It

The vast majority of other direct mail houses send your critical mailers via “general delivery”. What does this mean? All of your mailers go to a large “hub” facility, a processing and distribution center or sectional center facility (SCF). These are large facilities which process and dispatch mail from many hundreds of thousands of sources. If you’ve seen the loading dock in one of these facilities, you may wonder how anything gets out on time. And sending your mailers in one large batch means that any delays will affect your entire campaign.

JS Direct Does Things Differently

When deadlines are looming and sales dates are quickly approaching, missing your anticipated delivery date by two or even one day can result in disaster – the difference between a successful promotion and ROI on your direct mail efforts vs. a sale that fizzles, without any of the expected returns critical to your success. The DDU Direct™ system offers you the peace of mind, with the knowledge that your mail will be delivered On Time – Every Time.

JS Direct – The DDU Direct™ System

Instead of sending general delivery, where you chance of costly, campaign-wide delays, JS Direct offers our revolutionary, proprietary DDU Direct™ delivery system. Our DDU Direct™ system is unique to our industry, and allows us to drop ship via UPS directly to the smaller postal locations that spread out from the larger hubs used by competitors – called Postal Destination Delivery Units, or DDUs. This system breaks your mail project down into much smaller bundles, so any delay or delivery issues that might arise will only affect a small portion of your total mailer campaign. And another great advantage of DDU Direct™ is that we can track your mail project online precisely until it’s delivered to the individual DDUs, and so can you! Your project coordinator knows how many pieces were shipped, what entry office they are located, who that postmaster is with all contact information, the tracking number, and last (but not least!) when your mail will be delivered.

The DDU Direct™ system offers you the peace of mind, with the knowledge that not only is your vital mail project being handled by one the most skilled printing, fulfillment and mail houses in the industry, but will be delivered On Time – Every Time.
Just part of the JS Direct commitment and guarantee to you!