Our creative department is always looking for new ways to increase response creates and create dynamic designs that deliver your message, drive sales and differentiate you from your competitors.

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Sometimes, businesses need to send one marketing touch to thousands of recipients.

Other times, what they really need is to be able to send a stream of communications to a small segment, or even just an individual.

Our on-site production environment is built for speed and quality, ensuring communications are produced and delivered on-time and match your branding standards. Direct mail fulfillment routinely occurs the same day, or within 24 hours. And we also offer the unique advantage of our proprietary DDU Direct™ delivery system, to ensure you avoid any costly delays and your direct mail campaigns are delivered on time, every time, to support your sales events and promotions.

Some unique services at JS Direct:

Keys and Credit Card Application

Today’s marketplace is crowded, and standing out amongst your competition is no easy task. Personalize your piece with a Key Application, for a contest at your dealership (which we can also coordinate and manage), or provide a Credit Card applied to your piece – with a special offer attached.

Scratch and Win Cards

Whether you want to mail out these cards to your clients or hand them out at your next tradeshow, this is great way to put a little fun into promoting your business. Every card is a potential winner, and if one of your lucky customers scratches off the predetermined number of matching symbols, they win big. Scratch and win promotions provide you with great contact information to get back with potential customers – during the sales event and after the marketing promotion is over.

Every piece is not only a potential grand prize winner, but other offers as well, and there can be multiple scratch off areas on the piece. The same concept applies to the Lucky Number Match, basically a scratch off card that has already been revealed.

There are many other ways we can make your piece stand out in a very crowded and competitive marketplace. Contact Us to learn more about how.